Swiss Timepieces made from an Apollo Rocket.

West One is proud to present three unique, Swiss-made, limited edition watches, made using flown metal recovered from AS-203, one of the Apollo rockets, which flew in 1966. Become a founding owner of this incredible timepiece, and own your very own piece of world history.

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Celebrating 50 years

In July 1969, man landed on the moon, propelled there by the most powerful machine ever made, the iconic Saturn 5 Rocket. Now you can celebrate the 50th anniversary of this historic achievement. We are offering three stylish watches using metal from the AS-203, a rocket used to test the design and structure of the final Saturn 5 design. This is ‘flown’ metal that orbited the earth 4 times and comes from the last of the test rockets from the Saturn 5 program.

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Apollo Watch Collection


Saturn is named after the famous rocket booster series that carried 24 men to the moon during its use. This watch will be part of a limited run of 1,969 pieces, honouring 50 years since 1969 and the first of the moon landings.


Eagle was inspired by the Eagle Lunar Module and will be limited to 500 pieces. This special watch will include unique features, such as what we call the 'port-hole', allowing its owner to look out to the moon-phase.


Orion takes its name from the world-famous constellation, visible in the night sky from everywhere on the globe. Like Saturn, Orion will be part of a limited run of 1,969 pieces, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing.


In July 1966 the AS-203 launched from complex 37 at the Kennedy Space Center. The rocket, part of the Apollo Moon program, orbited the earth 4 times. On the 4th orbit NASA increased the pressure in the hydrogen tank to test its structural limits and the craft blew to pieces over the Atlantic. Most of the debris burned up on re-entry but a large panel of the hydrogen tank re-entered the atmosphere and landed in Northern Rhodesia, now Zambia.

Apollo Watch Collection launches with 3 distinct, Swiss-Made watches; Eagle, Saturn and Orion. Each model will have a dial made entirely of the recovered AS-203 metal. This dial will include a moon phase function, showing its owner the position of the moon through its 29.5 day cycle, as well as luminous hands, numbers and indexes. You can purchase the full collection in a special presentation box, or buy them individually.